Retrospective Plan

With reference to your original notes, write a retrospective plan of your school magazine – use your knowledge of codes and conventions to justify decisions;

Use media language: connotations, target audience, stereo type and technical terms associated with publisher.

I’m going to make a school magazine called: Get Ready! I chose to use this name because it is demanding and this will hopefully stop the target audience and make them take a look. The name is nice, simple and easy to remember.

I will have many subheadings so that the readers can get a good impression of the context of my magazine. My main article will be how the teachers were destroyed in a sports tournament. This tournament is yet to come but is a pointer to what they can expect. The students will win! The article headline will be: “Teachers destroyed! – in post-16 sports tournament.” “Teachers destroyed” will be bold and big so that it will be easy to see. This humorous headline attracts the target audience and makes them feel superior to teachers.

The magazine will also have an imaginary interview with Mr. Salter. In this interview he tells his most embarrassing moment which he revealed in this terms first assembly. This will be a humoristic article who will appeal to the students. This article will strip down the myth of up-tight and strict teachers.

The other article will be about the bowling post-16 had 16.09.09. This article will be about what funny things happened, the pictures and the final score. This article will attract the target audience because everyone wants to see the pictures, who won and how many points their tutor group got.

“Get Ready!” will also contain a quiz where students can test their mental strength. This is something all students may enjoy. There will also be a comic strip on the context page. This isn’t something big but it will look good on the front page.

To make my magazine more interesting I am making it a special edition. The special thing about the magazine is that the reader can win the newest iPod nano. Who wouldn’t want that? That is the reason for my choice of picture. I am using a picture of me, smiling and holding an iPod. I believe this picture will be affective because it is bright and the readers will get good associations with the big smile. The picture also makes the magazine ironic since it is called “Get Ready!” Me lying on a pillow is far from getting ready.

Since the picture is orange I will have the name of my magazine in black so that it will stand out. Beside the headline I will have the school logo so that only the target audience will know which school magazine it is. Under the headline I will have the issue number to make it more professional. To show the difference between the main article and the subheadings the main article “Teachers Destroyed!” will also be in black. The two subheadings will have the headline in orange and be in smaller words. This way it is clear for every reader that this isn’t the biggest articles. The orange colours will be different since they are two different articles. This creates more colours which attracts the target audience.

On the top and the bottom of the magazine I will have an orange square where I can write less important things. On the top I will write: “Fun quizzes, cartoons and competitions.” On the bottom I will write: “Special edition: Win the new iPod Nano!” This together will create more colours and attract the Brakenhale students. The writing will be in white so that it is easy to read. At the same time it will look like the magazine contains more than it does. This way the readers will think they get more for their money. The magazine will cost 80 pence. This is necessary to get the wanted picture and paper quality.


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